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System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a set of farming practices developed to increase the productivity of paddy by increasing factors productivity that comprises land, water, labour and capital by utilizing less seed, less water and less chemical fertilizer. The consistent success of the methodology inspired some progressive farmers and partner organizations to experiment the SRI principles in other crops like vegetables, wheat, mustard, millets, pulses etc. The strategy of SDTT SRI programme has been to reach out to maximum number of small and marginal farmers in hilly, mountainous and rain fed areas.



Diversion Based Irrigation or DBI is a simple and cost effective method that applies gravitational force to guide water from adjacent streams and rivers to the cropping field areas. Hence, DBI also known as ‘Gravity Flow Systems’ – is suitable for undulating, hilly and mountainous terrains. The National Level Programme on DBI supported by the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Allied Trusts targets those families which are predominantly from forest fringes near the origin of streams – the ones who are deprived and excluded from many developmental schemes and programmes.



The South Odisha Initiative aims to improve the quality of life of the people in 550 villages of South Odisha spread over 5 blocks of three districts. The proposed landscape includes Bisamcuttak and Muniguda blocks of Rayagada district, Lanjigarh and Thuamul Rampur blocks of Kalahandi district and Kotagarh block of Kandhamal district. The initiative is poised to bring positive change in the acute poverty landscape of this region through the integrated development interventions. The scopes of intervention involve sectors such as health, education, livelihoods, and water and sanitation.

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Livolink Foundation is a registered body under the Indian Trusts Act 1882. It was registered on 14th December 2010 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. with the purpose of Livolink Foundation is to facilitate technology based livelihood development initiatives in the economically underdeveloped rural regions of the country, a few like minded professionals converged on an idea of establishing an entity which would focus on technology driven and market led livelihood development of underprivileged communities in the rural areas of India. Such an entity was visioned to empower the local community, community based institutions and network of development organizations working for greater effectiveness and wider outreach. This finally resulted in formation of the new entity called Livolink Foundation.

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