Tata-Rallis Agriculture Input Training Scheme (TRAITS)


This is an initiative under the TATA-GRAM (Group Rural Action Mission) vision of the Hon’ble Chairman of Tata group. The TRAITS initiative is a unique initiative of its kind – one that is expected to provide education, training and knowledge on agriculture and allied subjects to un-employed youths from rural settings and in turn groom them as agriculture experts.

The project assumes significance considering the looming unemployment scenario as well as lack of skilled agricultural experts at the grassroots in rural hinterlands. The project will also address issues to increase crop productivity and earnings per acre by implementing right package of practices with farmers. Finally, the project is expected to be a good learning opportunity for the Trusts for undertaking and replicating such initiatives with its partner organizations at different locations.


The Jamsetji Tata Trust has sanctioned TRAITS for implementation by Livolink Foundation over a one-year period. The grant enables implementation of the project to achieve the goals, outcomes and outputs of this initiative. Livolink Foundation has entered into an agreement with Rallis India Limited (A TATA Enterprise) for implementation of the project. The latter has expertise to implement the project operationally and Livolink Foundation is presently engaged in monitoring the initiatives being implemented by Rallis.


Through this project it is aimed to enhance employability of un-employed rural youth by providing them with latest agricultural knowledge which help them pursue a career in the agriculture sector. The trainings will thus make them as agriculture experts. The initiative will also spread agriculture-related knowledge on a large-scale and eventually expected to improve agriculture productivity across the country.

Project Geography

Training on Pest & Disease Identification TRAITS Madhya Pradesh

The TRAITS Project is being implemented in Saugor district of Madhya Pradesh and Ranchi district of Jharkhand. The trainees have been mobilized from these districts and adjacent regions for imparting skill training on agriculture and related topics during course of the project training period. Under-graduate rural youth who have dropped out from school/college education are trained in specific agriculture-related skills and provided employment support.

The initiative aims to impart skill training to 100 trainees to develop as agricultural experts (50 in each of the two locations) across both the states. Through this project, approximately 2000 farmers’ families across 100 to 200 villages and also 1000 families who are involved in agricultural practices are expected to benefit from this initiative, in each of the districts.