Taking Odisha Towards Elimination of Malaria

Geographical coverage: We are working in 5 blocks(Lanjigarh, TH Rampur, Bissam Cuttack, Muniguda and Kotagarh) covering three districts- Kalahandi, Rayagada and Kandhamal through our direct interventions and interventions through partners.

>Our Reach out: We are reaching out to a total population of 106873 covering 24988 no of households in 549 no of villages in 75 subcentres of 5 blocks (Bissam Cuttack, Muniguda,Lanjigarh, TH Rampur and Kotagarh) and 3 districts(Kalahandi, Rayagada and Kandhamal).

Evidences of change: The systematic intervention in the 4 districts with a well-defined strategy resulted in generation of evidences of significant changes in various malaria related indicators. The results of the 50 villages having a population of 12,700 who predominantly were dalit and Adivasi community under the MITRA project of Christian Hospital Bissam Cuttack demonstrated marked reduction in Malaria parasitaemia rate in children under 5 years(%),Under 5 mortality rate (per 1000 live births) and Fever death rate(per 1000 population). Besides this in other partner areas there were also marked reduction in child parasite rate and reduction in fever death rate (per 1000 population.

  • Direct interventions- We work directly in 263 villages (Bissam Cuttack- 63, Muniguda- 37, TH Rampur- 63, Lanjigarh-60 and Kotagarh-40) covering a population of 55655 in 13336 no of households of 5 blocks and 3 districts.
  • Interventions through Partners-We work through partners in 286Villages(FARR, Muniguda- 100 ; DAPTA,Lanjigarh-110; Swasthya Swaraj,TH Rampur-76) covering a population of 51218 in 11662 No of households of 5 blocks and 3 districts.

  • Indirectly we are covering 8 Southern districts through our communication strategy.