Taking Odisha Towards Elimination of Malaria

Our stake holders of the program

The main stakeholders in the malaria control programme in Odisha are the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Odisha, Tata Trusts and Livolink and NIRTH – ICMR.

The Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Odisha has set up a Malaria Task force for the taking ownership and providing technical inputs. To strengthen the existing team there are experts in field of malaria from all over India to increase the efficacy of the program.

Malaria calls for convergence between different departments. Currently it is largely a responsibility of Department of Health and Family Welfare. For effective implementation of the strategies different government departments shall be brought together.

There is collaboration with National Institute of Research on Tribal Health for high quality research on malaria and evaluation. Producer companies and CSRs of companies will be involved for putting in place supply-chain for LLINs

The existing partners supporting the comprehensive health program including OVHA, Swathya Swaraj, DAPTA, FARR and Christian Hospital Bissam Cuttack are also a part of the malaria program. They are supporting the malaria program in their operational areas.

The stakeholders of our program are:

  • Government of Odisha – Department of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Women and Child.
  • Tata Trusts
  • Livolink Foundation as the Associate Organization of Tata Trusts
  • Regional Medical Research Centre under ICMR
  • National Institute of Research on Tribal Health(NIRTH)
  • Malaria Taskforce (being set up by GoO)
  • South Odisha Malaria Partners’ Network including MITRA
  • Community

Community is a key stakeholder of project both as beneficiaries and later for taking forward certain components of the programme. It is envisaged that after 5 years the community will play a critical role in taking forward the programme. Community based organisations like SHGs and producer companies will take ownership of the programme and contribute towards sustaining the efforts.