Taking Odisha Towards Elimination of Malaria

What we do

To achieve the goal of the project we focus on the following major activities

    Reduction of parasite density from population

    Early diagnosis and complete treatment (EDCT)

    Mass screening (Malaria and Malnutrition)

    Referral services

    Reduction of Vector Density

    Facilitate quality Indoor residual spraying(IRS)

    Use of Long lasting Insecticidal treated nets (LLIN)/ITN

    Removal of mosquito breeding sites

    Personal protection/Behaviour Change Communication

    Campaign (School and Village)

    Capacity building of health functionaries (VHV/CC)

    Group / Community / Inter personal

    communication (continuous activity)

    Evidence based program and operational research

    Baseline, midline and end line survey

    Study on HRP2

    Study on G6PD

    Integration of technology

    Tab bases MIS using HeMoClo application

    Digital Microscopy